Why Do Single Men Date Married Women?


Single men might date married women for a variety of different reasons. For example, they might be looking for the thrill. They might also be looking to compete with another male and outmaneuver them.
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Answer A No responsibility of a commitment. Answer B Not all single men date married women. For some there are few reasons why they pick married women; 1= A married woman has more
You're a single female who has everything except a man. This could be for many reasons. By choice is one or maybe you're a difficult person to deal with. We could go on and on for
For some men, being easy to get makes women seem less attractive. The why is probably due to some childhood issue of not feeling good enough, or women were treated this way in his
I can't talk about married men, but I've cheated with men in relationships. I think for some it's because they like the thrill of the chase. And knowing that they're more appealing
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There are many reasons why married men date married woman. The man may not want a relationship and dates married women so he can still be single. Dating a married person will always lead to trouble in the end.
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