Why Do Snakes Hiss?


Snakes hiss because of the rapid movement of air over their wet tongues and narrowed mouth. Hissing in snakes also serves as a deterrent to would be aggressors. The Spitting Cobra fakes death when it is feeling threatened.
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the same way we and cats do.
Snakes hiss as a warning for you to back away. There's a great book called "Why Do Snakes Hiss?
Snakes are members of the reptile family, which also includes lizards, turtles, alligators and a few other odds and ends. They are also somewhat closely related to amphibians. These
Thank you for the response, Goldentouch. That was an "interesting" question. (I have a fear of snakes, by the way, whether they hiss or not. Photo courtesy of Kamalnv. (
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Snakes hiss a warning sign to any animal or person that might be getting too close. If you hear hissing from a snake, beware, it may be about to strike.
Snakes hiss as a warning sign. They are letting you know they are there and not to step on them. They are also warning you to stay out of their territory.
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