Why do some people say that Captain Kirk has three ears?


The joke about Capt. James T. Kirk having three ears is answered with "a right ear, a left ear and a final front-ear." The answer is a pun about the motto of "Star Trek" exploring the "final frontier" of outer space. There are plenty of jokes that revolve around the fictional universe of "Star Trek."

Kirk's fictional biography covers a distinguished 40-year career made famous by commanding the U.S.S. Enterprise on a five-year mission for Starfleet in the late 2200s. Kirk becomes the youngest captain in Starfleet history at the age of 34 when he takes over command of the Enterprise from a disabled Capt. Christopher Pike.

The fictional captain is portrayed by William Shatner in the original series and seven movies, while Chris Pine gives Kirk a new look in the movie reboots. The two actors met for an interview outside Paramount's studios in 2011 for a documentary film directed by Shatner. One picture from the interview shows Shatner, 80, locked in an arm wrestling match with Pine, 30. Shatner interviewed all five other captains in "Star Trek" lore for the project.

Other "Star Trek" jokes include the following: "Why was Star Trek so successful? Because it had good Genes." Also, "Did you hear that the crew of the Enterprise is getting married? They have engaged the Borg!"

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Captain Kirk is fictional, but he did have three ears: a
He has a left ear a right ear and a final frontier. (frontier sounds like front ear)
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