Why do squirrels screech?


Squirrels make a screeching sound for various reasons. The screeching noise that squirrels make some describe it more like the sound of a bark or a chirping sound. The squirrels make these noises as a way to communicate with other squirrels. Some squirrels make this noise to let other squirrels know there may be an intruder. Squirrels will also make gestures with their tails as a way to communicate with other squirrels, which sometimes means they are telling something to go away.
Q&A Related to "Why do squirrels screech?"
Its how they communicate.
If you can hear squawking from a tree where there are squirrels, there is a good chance it is not squirrels. Birds may also be nesting in the tree and trying to fend off squirrels
Theres no record or why they do, but perhaps its just how they want to yell? ChaCha!
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