Why Do Stars Glow?


Stars glow because of the great heat given off by the nuclear fusion process, which causes the gas to glow forming a protostar. Stars are a brightly glowing sphere of hot gas whose energy is formed by an internal nuclear fusion process.
Q&A Related to "Why Do Stars Glow"
Stars glow all the time, not just at night. We only see them at night, or during a total solar eclipse, because during the day the brightness of the sun hides them from us.
Glow-in-the-dark stars adorn the bedrooms of many children. These decorations add fun and interest to many rooms and can be a great way to spark a child's imagination. While many
Stars are not planets. Stars give off light the same way the filament in a
The stars are shining with a steady light. The movement of air (sometimes called turbulence) in the atmosphere of Earth causes the starlight to get slightly bent as it travels from
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