Why Do Stars Glow?


Stars glow because of the great heat given off by the nuclear fusion process, which causes the gas to glow forming a protostar. Stars are a brightly glowing sphere of hot gas whose energy is formed by an internal nuclear fusion process.
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Why Stars Glow Stars glow for the same reason that the sun glows. They are gigantic balls of flaming gases. The reason the stars look so small, is the incredible distance between
Stars give off light the same way the filament in a light bulb does. Anything that is hot will
Fun With Photons. Glow-in-the-dark stars adorn the bedrooms of many children. These decorations add fun and interest to many rooms and can be a great way to spark a child's imagination
Interesting question. Unfortunately, no biologist has been able to definitively answer the question. There are some hypotheses out there, so I'll present them here. One idea is that
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