Why do they call it a "spaghetti western"?


'Spaghetti Western' is a nickname of a broad sub-genre Western film. The name came about because most of them were produced and directed by Italians. However, the correct name in Italy is Western all'Italiana which means Italian-Style Western.
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Most of the movies were made using Italian production studios and were in
Because they show people eating spaghetti a lot? Just kidding. Western produced in Italy in the 1960s and 1970s are called Spaghetti Western simply because they were produced in Italy
They were all filmed in Andalusia Spain,,which is strange really that they got called spaghetti westerns,,you can go to the film sets there and have a look around and meet some of
Because the majority of westerns made during that time period had Italian directors.
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Spaghetti Western is a nickname that is also called Italo-Western and is a name for a broad sub-genre of Western film that came out in the mid 1960s. The name came up because it was produced and directed by Italians and the language of the films was Italian. It was also characterized by low budgets, and a recognizable highly fluid and minimalist cinematography which shunned from many of the conventions of earlier Westerns.
Spaghetti Western were so called because most were produced and directed by Italians. American critics created this nickname and with time the nickname was taken in by fans of the films but, the British critics used the label Continental Western as a description for these films. Spaghetti Western is a nickname for a broad sub-genre of Western film that emerged in the mid-1960s.
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