Why Do They Eat Pan De Muerto on El Dia De Los Muertos?


They eat the bread of the dead on the day of the dead to commemorate their loved ones' memories. This particular piece of food is baked within fourteen days of the celebrations.
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During Dia de los Muertos the people eat meny things. It is traditional mexican foods. It could be anything that the one that died enjoyed when they were alive. Like their favorite
El Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican celebration, is a day to celebrate and remember
My neighbor invited us to "El Dia de los Muertos" party. He had the house decorated with Mexican artifacts. He also had the altars with offerings for the dead. It was a
Don’t be surprised to see skeletons on the homes of Mexican Americans on the days after Halloween. Mexican Americans celebrate November 2 as El Dia de los Muertos (“the
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