Why Do They Spray Bowls in Lawn Bowling?


The umpire used to mark a bowl that was touching the jack with chalk - the spray is a modern version. If the touching bowl is cannoned out, then it can still be identified if it lands in the ditch. Normally a bowl landing in the ditch is dead - a toucher is still alive.
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The only time, that i can think of, when you spray a bowl in a game of lawn bowls, is when the wood (black bowl) has touched the Jack (white ball) They spray the black bowl, with
1. Keeping score is part of lawn bowling. Learn the rules of the game. To begin a game, one player throws a small white target ball called the "jack" at least 75 feet out
1. Mark a square patch of lawn for your bowling green. The patch should be relatively flat and each side must measure between 37 and 44 yards (34 and 40 meters) This bowling green
n. A game played on a level lawn in which players roll biased wooden balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball. Also called bowls .
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The bowls are sprayed to mark the bowls that touched the jack. It is advisable to keep spray chalk in your pocket while playing. One set of bowls will last very many years with just the basics of maintenance and proper storage in their carry case.
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