Why do thunderstorms occur?


Thunderstorms occur when there is maximum radiation warming, which is common in the afternoon. The air mass becomes unstable and thus making it convect violently. It is common for thunderstorms to occur in late spring and summer.
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Static electricity builds up in the atmosphere in dry conditions and discharges in the form of lightning.
The National Weather Service estimates that close to 44,000 thunderstorms occur every day on Earth. That's close to 16 million thunderstorms a year. With the energy equivalent of
Warm moist air meets cold dry air. This causes movement as they try to balance out. But between the coriolis effect and the earth's magnetic field, you have water moving through a
In the United States thunderstorms usually occur in the summertime, especially from May through August. Thunderstorms tend to occur in late spring and summer when large amounts of
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Thunderstorms are most likely to occur in the spring and summer months. They most often occur during the afternoon and evening hours. In some country's they occur every day. You can find more information here: http://schools.sd68.bc.ca/fore/ireland/2006/jr/whenandwherearethunderstormsmostlikelytooccur.html
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