Why Do Tornadoes Occur?


Tornadoes occur when two masses of different temperatures and humidity collide. If there is unstable atmosphere at the lower area, then an upward movement of warmer air is formed. This leads to a strong spiral that rises and intensifies resulting in violent funnels of tornadoes.
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Answer Tornadoes form when two masses of different temperatures and humidity meet. If the lower layers of the atmosphere are unstable, a strong upward movement of warmer air is formed
As John Carney's answer explains, the topology of the so-called tornado alley creates the ideal conditions for massive storms that spawn destructive and deadly tornadoes. Large low
Typically, tornadoes develop several thousand feet above the earth's surface inside of a
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Tornadoes occur when there is a supercell thunderstorm. They occur when there is a northern tropical air blowing from the gulf, cold air from Canada reaches over 50 miles per hour, and when jet stream air reaches a speed of 150 mph. You can find more information here: http://www.hprcc.unl.edu/nebraska/tornadoes-NDS99why.html
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