Why do tumbler pigeons tumble?


It is believed that tumbler pigeons tumble as a survival technique developed to avoid birds of prey through their flying technique. The tumbling ability enables them to roll over backwards in flight and evade their predators.
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First: Here's a site where you can see one of the Tumbler breeds, The Oriental Roller. http://www.angelfire.com/ut2/uora Second: If you want to go to Youtube.com you can see some
1. Fill the barrels of the rock tumbler half full with the glass pieces. 2. Fill the barrels the rest of the way with water and a single drop of dish soap in each. The soap helps
Meaning pigeon that executes backward somersaults in flight or on the ground Synonym(s) roller (what does roller mean?) tumbler (what does tumbler mean?) Hypernyms(s) tumbler pigeon
That's a question that really has no answer. Personally, I feel the Oriental Roller in the air is the equal to anything that flies. It has amazing acrobatic ability. On the other
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Tumbler pigeons tumble to avoid being captured by larger predators such as hawks that see them as an easy meal in the sky. This is a natural defense against enemies. The second reason is that they use tumbling as a way to change direction when they're in flight. It's much easier for them to do a roll in the air to change direction or to simply do a barrel roll to loose altitude quickly and escape.
Tumbler pigeons evolved with the ability to tumble from side to side or backwards when it is flying as a survival strategy. These pigeons are descended from Rock Doves. Tumbler Pigeons are found all over the world. You can find more information at www. pigeonweb. net/tumbler-pigeon
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