How Many Eggs Do Turtles Lay at One Time?


Each turtle lays 100 or more eggs, many of these eggs are dug out by scavengers and young turtles, that don't hatch are often eaten by predators. By laying so many eggs, the turtle makes sure that a few will survive
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Turtles are slow-moving, egg-laying reptiles with an attached shell. Among the oldest living vertebrates, they came into existence over 200 million years ago. About 250 species inhabit
Turtles, like many other animals, lay so many eggs at one time for many reasons. For example, not all turtles make it out of the egg; some never hatch. The biggest reason, however
Turtles lay eggs in sand and then they hatch due to sun light. Do you have other
Survival in numbers. The more eggs laid, the more of them that escape predators and survive.
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The number of eggs laid depends on the species of turtle it is. A sea turtle lays up to 200 eggs at a time, while an African pancake tortoise lays only one egg ...
Sea turtle eggs are soft-shelled and papery to leathery in texture and they come ashore to build nests and lay their eggs. They may lay clutches containing on ...
Fish lay many eggs to increase chance of survival of the offspring and the continuation of their generation. Fish do not take care of their young making them prone ...
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