Why Do We Celebrate Earth Day?


Earth Day is a day that was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson and focuses on environmental awareness. Another Earth Day called International Earth Day takes place earlier in the year on the Spring Equinox.
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Earth Day is a time to celebrate gains we made and create new visions
Answer It raises awareness about the earth's condition. It encourages people to reduce their pollutants and recycle more. The idea is to make this planet better for this generation
History. The man who eventually became St. Patrick, well known by today’s secular society, began life in Scotland in the year 387. When he was 14, a raiding party from Ireland
It was started about 20 years (or maybe 30 years) ago by a congressman or senator who wanted to get people enthused about recycling and other good measures to protect and clean up
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The purpose of Earth Day is to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth and the environment.
We celebrate Earth day in order to make us more aware of our environment. It began in the 1970's and continues today. Today, we call so of the theories of Earth Day, 'going green'.
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