Why Do We Celebrate Holidays?


Holidays the world over are held to celebrate many different things. From Christmas to Easter, Halloween to Thanksgiving, we do this to either have fun, remember or commemorate special occasions, or simply have legal time away from work or school. Depending on the occasion, holidays are a good way of bringing people closer together.
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We celebrate bank holidays because it's a special day for the whole world and n other cases just a country when history was made or somehting good happened to a country. They make
We celebrate holidays because of tradition. They are fun, too! Keep 'ing!
Many ancient peoples believed that winter occurred because the sun god became sick and frail. The winter solstice signified that the sun god would recuperate. Evergreen boughs decorated
We celebrate the day of the dead, it's to remember al lof those who are no longer with us.
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To my knowledge most of us celebrate holidays due to family traditions or our religious beliefs. Holidays are fun and exciting times to get together with the family.
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