Why do we celebrate homecoming in schools?


Those who return to their high school for homecoming after having graduated do so to celebrate their high school, see old friends and remember memories of that time of their lives. Students who are currently in high school celebrate homecoming to show school spirit and support whatever athletic teams and clubs are going on during that period of time.

Many high schools celebrate homecoming during football season, but some schools also celebrate during basketball season or even hockey or soccer. Some schools have more than one homecoming each year, taking place during different seasons for different sports. This annual American high school tradition oftentimes includes a parade, spirit days during the week at school, fun activities, competitions between grade levels and faculty along with spin-off athletic activities, such as powder puff football or volleyball games. A pep rally usually occurs on the day of the big homecoming game. This includes cheers for the team and music from the school band. The main team is featured, and sometimes the captains of the team or the coach speaks. A dance follows the homecoming game, and a homecoming queen and sometimes king are crowned either during this time or at halftime of the game. All of these encourage students and alumni to have school spirit and pride.

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To students, it is a time when the campus unites to celebrate its sports
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