Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day?


The Memorial Day is a special occasion for every American because it reminds them of the brave men who died while serving the United States of America army. It is also a day that Americans hope to instil in their young ones the importance of the sacrifices made for the sake of their independence and their freedoms.
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Memorial Day the Holiday To remember those who fought for our country to honor our country Memorial Day is a day to remember all the people who have served and are serving in the
Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who
Memorial Day honors men and women who died while in the military or after serving our country.
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Memorial Day is a day to remember loved ones who have passed away. It is a tradition to go buy flowers and take them to the cemeteries for the graves of your loved ones who are no longer with you. This is a special day of remembrance for war veterans as well.
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