Why Do We Cut down Trees?


We cut down trees for several reasons that may differ from one individual to another. One may cut trees on small or large scale. However, the main reason for cutting down trees is for lumber. The lumber is then used to make wooden products like furniture, paper or wood cabins. Other reasons are for charcoal burning, clearing a forest for cultivation, obstruction of passage or just for making a clearing in a compound.
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to make paper and to make furniture.
Rain forests once covered 14 percent of the globe, but today that figure has dropped to 6 percent. People began cutting down trees in the rain forests to make room for farms, and
In Germany we cut down especially small sized and invalid tress for ecological reasons, like thinning of older stocks. The younger plants get more light, more space to growth and
The idea of cutting down a Christmas tree is an old pagan tradition. Read what the bible says about it in the book of Jeremiah, chapter 10. Hear what the Lord says to you, people
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Sometimes there is no choice but to cut a tree down, such as when it has been damaged by a storm and is in danger of falling on peoples' homes. Other times, we cut down trees to make the many paper products we use today.
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