Why do we eat chocolate on Valentine's Day?


The reason chocolate is eaten on Valentine's Day is because it is considered to be a romantic food. The sweet, tasty nature of chocolate makes it an ideal gift for loved ones, and it has become popular as a romantic gift in many places around the world.
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This dark lovely goodness is loved by both men and women, it's just a sweet touch of goodness to show your appreciation to that special person or persons in your life.
We need Valentine's Day like we need a slap on our collective (and figurative) face.
For centuries men and women have equated chocolate with romance
They taste so dam delicious babe LOL I will feed you strawberries all day Jo. I love you with all my heart and soul.
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Chocolate has been used as a gift for hundreds of years. It's creamy, sensual, deeply gratifying tastes and textures make it the ideal gift to show love or appreciation. Chocolate is associated with romance in many cultures around the world, which makes it perfect for Valentine's day.
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