Why Do We Explore Space?


Space exploration is important because it helps people to better understand the world in which they live. It enables people to gain knowledge about the origins of the solar system and formation of natural resources. Space exploration also provides an opportunity to make advancements is science and technology.
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The only solid planets are earth mars venus and Mercury. People cannot go to mars because of the gases on the planet. it would kill you. its atmosphere also wouldnot let you breathe
Electrical and mechanical engineers are charged with designing and building the vehicle enclosure and certain accompanying systems. This includes communications, power, circuitry,
If humans want their species to survive, you know in the long term, we MUST create colonies, either on other worlds or in space satations. Right now all of our eggs are in one basket
I'm 120 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico right now, working on installing seafloor equipment for an oil project. No one spends more time exploring the deepest oceans than the
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We explore space for study and research. One of the main factors of exploring space is the fear of one day running out of resources on Earth and moving the human population to another planet. We also explore space to study what planets are made of, and get clues on the history of the Universe.
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