Why Do We Grow Old and Die?


We usually grow old and die because after a while, our cells stop dividing and replicating and simply die. This is because the end of each chromosome has a tip known as a telomere which is depleted causes the chromosome to unravel and cause death of our cells and by extension ourselves. This telomeres will usually wilt down to tiny nubs after 50-100 divisions a phenomena known as Hayflick limit.
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Get ready for a really long answer. Yes, the main part of it is wear-and-tear and the accumulation of unrepaired damage over the years. However, there’s one extremely important
If you feel that this is a forum just for jws why would you ask such a question? Remember you are the one who is stuck on the title of this forum All jws know why we grow old and
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If Jehovah God created us perfect so that we could live forever, why do we grow old and die? The answer is found in a prohibition placed upon the first man, Adam, whom God put in
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