Why Do We Have Boogers?


One of the several purposes of this substance is to catch airborne contaminants. It keeps nasty things like dust and germs out of your lungs.
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All of our mucus membranes produce a (typically slimy) protective substance called, oddly enough, mucus. One of the several purposes of this substance is to 'catch' airborne contaminants
Boogers are dried-up snot filled with the junk that's in the air you breathe. They help keep
Not Medical Advice: Boogers are a dried secretion of the mucus membranes that help to protect the body from infection! Text! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01
boogers are a collection of mucus and bacteria thats in the air. our nose acts as a filter to take out bacteria that we breathe in. all this breathing in from the nose causes the
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In humans noses, there is a substance called mucus. This mucus is important because it filters out dirt and other materials from the nose. Buggers are formed when bacteria is caught by the mucus. It is not advised to eat your buggers because you will put those contaminants into your body.
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Boogers are supposed to be clear and thin. Green boogers can be a result of viral infection or the heme group within the iron-containing enzyme is secreted by ...
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