Why do we measure things?


We measure things because this measurement provides us with some feedback. Every single life flourishes on feedback and dies without it. Feedback enables us to know what is going on around us, the impact of our actions and informs us how the environment is changing.
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A seismograph uses a type of pendulum that records the tremors made by an earthquake. Seismographs are usually positioned about 62 miles (100 kilometers) from an earthquake's general
Interesting question. I think its usage is somewhat context dependent. If you're changing oil, the unit of measure (how oil is packaged) is a quart. Most cars would take either four
First and foremost, through his works, Shakespeare improved upon the basic structure of the English language. Shakespeare invented thousands of new words and phrases. In his time,
Because an angle. is. a degree. It would be pretty silly to measure them in, say, horsepower, no?
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