Why Do We Need Oxygen?


We need oxygen because the main use of oxygen in humans and aerobic organisms is to permit the body to build energy. Energy is required as a host of processes in the body like movement, growth, repair, nerve conduction. Energy can be added from carbohydrates fats as well as amino acids but they need to be oxidised.
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We need oxygen in order to breathe. Chemically, oxygen is used by the body in order to help us to respire - that is a chemical process that is essential to our bodies to live. Because
Oxygen does not burn-it supports combustion. It reacts with fuels like gasoline or hydrogen etc and they "burn". Embed Quote
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When you inhale, the oxygen in the air is absorbed into your bloodstream through tiny
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We human beings and living creatures need oxygen for survival. It is vital to our ability to breathe. It is vital to all creatures on this planet.
We need oxygen to live. In other words our bodies need oxygen to carry on the processes that enable us to do what we do everyday. The red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of our bodies. Without this oxygen our bodies could not metabolize food and do other important functions.
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