Why Do We Need Sound?


Sound is very important to human beings because it helps in communication, detecting danger, predation and in navigation. Sound deals with sequence of waves that do propagate through media such as water and air. Sound perception in many organisms is usually limited to certain range of frequencies.
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Okay, Leif wins. Here's the boring answer: the ear drum vibrates in response to the motion of the air that is sound. This is translated mechanically into a vibration in the cochlea,
You use a very complicated ear brain system, which is not fully unterstood yet.
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Sound is a mechanical wave therefore it cannot be transmitted in vacuum or space. Sound waves are mechanical because they need a medium to be transmitted from ...
There is no sound in space. This is simply because sound consists of the vibration of air particles and there is no air in space. In space, there are some sources ...
Sound is louder at night for several reasons. For one, there are less surrounding noises at night time. Due to the night's relative peace and silence, sound also ...
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