Why Do We Need the Sun?


Generally, people need the sun because the sun provides the energy that maintains almost all forms of life on Earth. The sun is our source of natural light and warmth which is essential for survival. The sun is also important to humankind because it helps our skin manufacture vitamin D.
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An answer to that could be long and complex. In short we need it for heat and light, to help things grow, to affect our climate, for energy and to sustain life in many other ways.
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We need the sun for life, heat, and energy. Almost all living things require the sun to live and grow. Without the sun, Earth would be freezing and dark.
The sun provides a number of valuable services. One of them is the gravity that the Earth needs to stay in orbit. If the sun ceased to exist the Earth would shoot off into space. Another of these services is light and an even more important one than the light is the nutritional benefit of sunlight for all living things, plants most especially.
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Plants need the sun for them to grow and flourish well. They use light energy from the sun to change the materials, for instance carbon dioxide and water into ...
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The sun is important because it supplies us with heat and light and is the main source of energy on our planet. The sun's gravitational pull is what holds the ...
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