Why Do We Need to Conserve Energy?


We need to conserve energy because it helps to reduce demand for nuclear power as well as for fossil fuels. In addition, conserving energy reduces air, water and soil pollution, which translates to improved health for children and the elderly.
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For a combination of the following reasons: We (mankind) use a lot of energy. The energy that can be provided by traditional means is limited. It uses up scarce resources. For example
Our lifestyles are creating a greater demand for energy, many areas are having a hard time building electric plants fast enough to satisfy demand. In the US too much of our energy
Plant cells obtain energy from the process of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. These are complicated processes which require carbon dioxide, water, and nutrients absorbed
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We need to conserve energy to help save the supply of fossil fuels and to save the ozone layer. Using large amounts of fossil fuels causes large amounts of gases to be released into the atmosphere which harms the ozone layer. You can find more information here: http://www.powerscorecard.org/reduce_energy.cfm
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