Why Do We Need Trees?


Because trees provide a vital habitat for human and wildlife.
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Types Some trees are evergreens and do not shed their leaves every year. Others are deciduous and lose their leaves each autumn. New leaves grow in the spring. Whether or not the
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Leaf drop protects deciduous plants from dehydration during the winter months. Water supplies underground may freeze in the winter and become unavailable to roots. At the same time,
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There are a number of reasons why we need trees. Trees are beautiful and make recreational areas more scenic. Trees also clear the air and water by removing or filtering pollutants. Trees also provide us with products such as timber, rubber, medicinal chemical and fruits among others. We also need them because they provide habitat for wildlife.
We need trees to survive. Trees give off oxygen for humans and many animals. We are very dependent on trees. Trees are also very beautiful to look at.
We need trees for hundreds of reasons, the main reason being oxygen! Trees provide the atmosphere with oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Trees also provide us with lumber, shelter, and even paper!
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