Why Do We Say Trick or Treat on Halloween?


The phrase “Trick or treating” owes its existence to “souling” and “guising.” During the medieval practice of souling, poor people would make the rounds begging for food. In return, they offered prayers for the dead on All Souls Day.
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To go get candy gout there kids do not just stay inside.
The Celts tried to appease the evil spirits by leaving out food for
FREE candy.
Halloween started by the name Samhain for a Pagan festival for the Celts of Ireland and Great Britain.
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There was a medieval practice called 'souling' where poor people dressed in costumes and begged for food, going door to door. 'Guising' was a custom in Scotland where children dressed in costumes and did card tricks or sang song for a sweet treat. Eventually it evolved into trick or treat.
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