Why Do We Sneeze Three Times?


Most people believe that sneezing three times in a row is a sign of good luck or that a letter is coming. However, this has nothing to do with luck or anything superstitious but is the relief of an irritation in the nose by the body. We sneeze according to the number of times it takes for an irritation or allergy to be solved and it is not a rule that we must sneeze three times.
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We close our eyes when we sneeze so that we don't get anything in our eyes. You know, with all the spit flying and all? Really it is just a natural instinct that we have no control
We sneeze because something is irritating our nasal or respiratory membranes. It can be foreign particles (like ground black pepper) pollen, dust, etc. We also can sneeze due to irritation
There's no real reason for it, but when you sneeze three times in a row, it means
I'll take a stab at my own question here: I am assuming in order to avoid mistaking identities or tarnishing the names of all of the "Lee Oswalds" and "John Booths&
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Scientists attribute the cause of multiple sneezes in a row to each person's specific neurological and immunological makeup, according to an article in Science ...
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