Why do we stretch?


We stretch because stretching decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of motion. In addition, stretching helps to relieve post-exercise aches and pains after a hard workout. Stretching also improves coordination between the joints and muscles of the body.
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Okay, I have a theory on this. I strongly believe the desire to stretch after inactivity is, in part, driven by the need to move venous blood from the extremities into the core and
Stretching has to do with the way your blood circulates. Your heart pumps blood outwards through
The role of tendons is connecting skeletal parts to muscle parts. Tendons attach muscle to bone. They are primarily found in our joints. The tendon fibers are made of collagen, but
I think why we stretch to lose up muscles And to prevent strain injury during the day. Also to prevent flexibility w
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We stretch before we exercise because ti helps to prevent injury. Pulled muscles are very painful and stretching is a great way to prevent them.
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