Why do Wine Glasses have Stems?


Wine glasses have stems to make it easier to hold them. For white wines that are meant to be chilled, stems keep your fingers off the actual wine glass, making the wine stay cool longer. You can buy stemless wine glasses for red wine. These wine glasses use your hand's heat to warm up the red wine, which is meant to be room temperature.
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Because they can.
The stem allows the glass to be held without influencing the temperature of the wine. The stem is not in direct contact with the wine, and holding it by the stem protects the contents
Curved wine barrels can be stored and stacked with relative ease. When they are empty, most wine barrels weigh between 125 and 140 pounds. When wine is added to the barrels, their
The three video lectures [available on Youtube] by Elizabeth Blackburn (2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine) will be interesting and informative to those interested in this
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Wine glasses have stems, because if they didn't, you wouldn't be able to sit them down, without them falling over. All kidding aside, the stem is there, just for looks, and to be able to carry more than one wine glass at a time, by not smearing the glass with fingerprints.
Wine glasses are designed with stems for multiple reasons. Besides providing a great way to grip the glass, it also give the glass a formal elegance.
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