Why Do Wolves Howl at the Moon?


Research has shown that wolves howling have nothing to do with the moon. Their howling has been inadvertently associated with the moon probably because they are most common when there is moonlight at night. A howl assembles the pack or warns them of impending danger.
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Wolves only appear to be howling at the moon. In reality they are simply communicating with one another. Sometimes this communication is between members of the same pack and sometimes
One reason wolves howl is to communicate with the pack at night. They howl to locate nearby packs.
Dogs historically always traveled in packs and it was a way of communicating
Its actually that its a calmer night without any reason for cover, and easy for sound travel. Basically when there is a clear moon then the weather is pretty ideal But yea, it isn't
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It is just a myth that wolves howl at the moon. Wolves howl to communicate with each other. Wolves become more active on nights that are lit brightly, which is why they are heard howling more often during the full moon. You can find more information here: http://www.wolfsongalaska.org/wolf_why_howl.html
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