Why Do Women Wear Ankle Bracelets?


Women wear ankle bracelets because they draw attention to their nice looking legs and it is just more jewellery to add to their collection. Actually, in 'certain circles' a married woman wearing an ankle bracelet is 'advertising' that she is in an open marriage and that her husband is a cuckold and if a white woman wears it on her right ankle she is supposedly stating she is open to black men.
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because it makes them look pretty so they think they should were them.
Just to save themself from evil eyes.
It is nearly impossible to tell when lingerie first came into use by women, but it is speculated that it might have begun in Egypt around 3000 B.C. "Lingerie" didn't become
It is not just at the concerts. We do it all the time! Those of us who like our feet do
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Women wear ankle bracelets because it is jewelry and it shows off small ankles. Most women like jewelry, and it is just another part of the body to wear jewelry on.
Women tend to wear ankle bracelets and toe rings in the Spring and Summer months when the weather is warm enough to expose ankles and feet. Ankle bracelets are simply a decorative, fashionable piece of jewelry like earrings.
In my opinion, most women wear ankle bracelets because they think that the bracelets are pretty and the bracelet will help to make them look pretty.
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