Why Does a Compass Point North?


A compass constantly points north because the Earth, like a magnet, normally has an electromagnetic field. In short, the earth is magnetic and also the needle of a compass is magnetic. The inside of the earth works like a strong magnet. One end of a magnet is usually near the North Pole.
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The magnetic field makes it point nort.
A magnet-made of iron or other special metals that are electrically charged-has two poles, or ends, where its magnetic strength is greatest. Each end has an opposite electrical charge
Hello Megan, A compass has a needle that is magnetized. This needle is suspended so that it can rotate freely and it can align itself with any magnetic field it is exposed to. If
A magnetic object tends to align itself with Earth's magnetic field. The
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It would seem that science shows that the reason a compass always points north or seems to point north is because both the compass and the earth are magnets and the earth gives off a magnetic field forcing the compass to point north.
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