Why Does a Compass Point North?


A compass constantly points north because the Earth, like a magnet, normally has an electromagnetic field. In short, the earth is magnetic and also the needle of a compass is magnetic. The inside of the earth works like a strong magnet. One end of a magnet is usually near the North Pole.
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The simple answer is that the magnetized needle is being attracted by the North Magnetic Pole (which is close to, but not the same as the geographic North Pole) However, the colored
A magnet-made of iron or other special metals that are electrically charged-has two poles, or ends, where its magnetic strength is greatest. Each end has an opposite electrical charge
A magnetic object tends to align itself with Earth's magnetic field. The
It's all down to Pole Magnetism. In short because the earth is magentic and the needle of a compass is also. You can think of the Earth as having a gigantic bar magnet buried inside
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It would seem that science shows that the reason a compass always points north or seems to point north is because both the compass and the earth are magnets and the earth gives off a magnetic field forcing the compass to point north.
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