Why does a dog hang his tongue out?


Dogs pant and let their tongues hang out of their mouth to regulate their body temperature, because they have fewer sweat glands than humans. However, several other explanations exist as to why dogs hang out their tongues.

Some dogs with functional tongues have a mouth cavity that is too small. This may be caused by genetics, an abnormal jaw or missing teeth. Dogs who are chronically unable to pull the tongue into the mouth have hanging tongue syndrome. The tongue dries out due to constant air exposure and can become cracked and painful. Pet owners can alleviate the discomfort by applying olive oil to the tongue as a lubricant, encouraging frequent drinking and allowing the dog to lick ice cubes.

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On a warm day or after strenuous excercise the dog needs to cool down. Since they do not have sweat glands their tongues hang out for saliva to evaporate instead of sweat. Does the
A dog's tongue hangs out when they pant. Panting helps dogs to regulate their body
My son's tongues come out when they are mouth breathing from a cold or they are concentrating on some task, it could be either of those.
It may have something to do with his ability to pick up sounds or smells. In both of these, dogs are way ahead of humans. Maybe by putting his head down, he picks up on some smell
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