Why Does a Fuse Blow?


A fuse blows because of heat from an overloaded circuit. When a circuit is overloaded, the electrical resistance in the circuit increases and this may cause damage to your equipment or cause a fire. The fuse therefore blows in order to prevent this.
Q&A Related to "Why Does a Fuse Blow?"
A fuse blows when the current draw of the circuit is greater than the capacity of the fuse.
A fuse usually is installed in an electric circuit to protect the components in case something goes bad. A blown fuse indicates just such a problem. A fuse that blows when inserted
Since its a new unit, and you didnt have this problem before, I venture to say that the power wires feeding the unit voltage are somehow touching some metal conduit somewhere, like
My Laundry Question. Why is the dryer blowing the fuse on one side(black wire for instance). I have checked all connections, and see no sign of problems. It will run for a month or
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