Why does Boyd Coddington hate Chip Foose?


Boyd Coddington, star of the reality show “American Hot Rod,” had been in conflict with Chip Foose, a former employee. They disagreed about who should have received credit for some of the cars that emerged from the custom auto shop.

The two men also had issues because Foose apparently believed Coddington lost some of Foose's property during a financial crisis. Coddington has a long history in the car business. He began customizing hot rods during the 1960s. His clients included the rich and famous, such as ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, who got a custom-designed Cadzilla street rod. Coddington's reputation was enhanced by his original designs for Ford's 1932 deuce coupe. At auctions, Coddington's work sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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The reason is respect, or a lack of it. Coddington is a jerk, talented, but a jerk. Chip Foose respects his team and their abilities. These "reality" car themed shows on
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