Why Does Breathing Rate Increase during Exercise?


Breathing rate increases during exercise because your body has a higher demand for oxygen. Oxygen is needed to burn calories and so your lungs have to work harder. Your lungs, heart, and muscles all work together to ensure you are getting enough oxygen for your exercise.
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Anyone who has sprinted up a flight of stairs knows that your breathing becomes quicker and harder when you exercise. Why? As you exercise, your heart rate increases because your
The Human body needs to overcome gravity, and other external forces in order to move. In order to do this work, every cell involved must produce energy. This energy is produced by
Your breathing increases during exercise because your working muscles need extra oxygen in order to burn energy. You pull oxygen into your lungs, and it is transferred to the bloodstream
Simple: the muscles need more O2 under exercise induced stress. That means you breathe faster to increase O2/CO2 exchange in your lungs, & your heart beats faster to deliver blood
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