Why does Broccoli Make Me Gassy?


Broccoli has an ingredient amongst it called Raffinose which is a carbohydrate. The nutrients in the broccoli cannot be broken down in the intestine which makes it down to the colon. When the process of digesting works on those items that isn't broken down, it produces gas.
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Everyone has gas and eliminates it by burping or passing it through the rectum. This
Not Medical Advice: Protein powder can make you gassy because of its effect on the digestive system. It brought about change in the digestive bacteria.
If your girl friend cooked it for you i am gathering you are not at all in her good books. *it has alot of fiber*
the charcoal would absorb the alcohol and reduce the effects(trust me ive had it happen to me after various overdoses). there are many OTC meds that can reduce it, which is probaly
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I know that broccoli makes me gassy because it contains a sugar called raffinose which can cause gas. Other foods that contain this sugar are beans and cabbage. There are other sugars that can also produce, including lactose. You can find more information here: digestive.niddk.nih.gov
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