Why Does Everything I Eat Taste Sweet?


There are several things that can make you feel everything tasting sweet. It can be caused by viral infections in the nose or back of the nose. Other causes are alteration to the sense of smell and inflammation in the mouth or gums.
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After eating certain foods, your taste buds are used to tasting that certain taste, so everything tastes like what you just ate. On the other hand, dark and milk chocolate taste different
Maybe there is a possibility that you are pregnant. When my sister was pregnant she was undergoing the same problem that you are having. Sorry that I wasn't of much help. But I wish
Its the animal in us.
Not Medical Advice: Chronic gas could be caused by gall bladder disease. See an MD. Eating more fruits and veggies, high fat foods, milk products or whole grains can also cause gas.
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Perhaps you ate the miracle berry, the Synsepalum dulcificum. It is a very unique fruit in that it changes the way your taste buds react to sour flavors. For an hour or so after eating the berry, everything you eat will taste sweet! You can find more information at www.nytimes.com
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