Why Does Food Rot?


Food normally rots because of tiny organisms known as bacteria, which multiply in food. These strains of bacteria breakdown food substances and makes them useless or harmful to man. Cholera and dysentery are common ill associated with food rot.
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Food rots due to air. Once air gets in, it helps bacteria to grow. The longer it sits, the faster bacteria grows and the quicker the food spoils and rots.
Food rots because of the bacteria in it. Food with a lot of moistur...
Watermelon plants grow in a wide array of fertile garden soils, but all must supply good drainage of water. The best soils comprise organic matter with sandy or sandy loam. Gritty
Food rots once the organism is no longer alive, or the preservatives keeping it from rotting stop working. The tissue in the item start decaying, and often bacteria will start building
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Food rots for several different reasons, first being because oxygen gets to it. Most food can only stay fresh for so long rather on still on the plant or not. Another reason is because bacteria breaks the food down.
Food rots because of the bacteria it has on and in it and it increases the longer you keep it. The longer you hang onto food the more is will eventually rot and if you eat after it has been around to long you will get sick. You can help in preserving food so that it will last longer by canning, freezing or refrigerate it. You can find more information here: http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/microbiology/81014
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