Why does "I" stand for current?


Current is the rate of charge flow and it is mainly measured in amperes. It also means the flowing movement or motion in plasma, matter, gas or liquid. I stands for current because it was previously referred to as electrical intensity and the letter c already stands for light speed.
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Andre-Marie Ampere was a French scientist. In his lifetime he was able to understand and teach others a lot more about electricity. The i stands for current because of the french word Intensite. You can find more information at www.electriciantalk.com
Current is represented by 'i' from the French word intensite. This word is used to describe the intensity of the electric current and has now become a universal symbol.
I stands for electric current because it was originally referred to as electrical intensity. Small letter 'c' already stands for the speed of light and the capital letter 'C' already stands for capacitance, so it is 'I' for current intensity.
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