Why Does It Snow?


Snow occurs when cold temperatures transform the water vapour in the atmosphere into the solid state of ice directly without first going through the liquid stage. As soon as the temperature rises up again, the snow melts back into liquid water.
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Surface area. Snow is more dense than air (mass/volume) but that volume is distributed over a large surface area. So, when moving air applies a force over that surface area, the
The Andes Mountains are over 10,000 ft in elevation. The snow occurs only in higher elevations.
Snow, the big soft flakes we are familiar with, does not begin in this state. The process of forming into snow begins high in the earth's atmosphere. The formation of these powdery
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Snow forms when water vapor condenses and freezes into ice crystals. As the ice crystals fall from the clouds, they melt and then refreeze. This creates larger ice crystals which produce fluffy snow.
It snows because of the cold air freezing the water vapor in the atmosphere. The cold air freezes water vapor in clouds as well. It turns them into ice crystals.
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