Why Does Metal Rust?


Metal rusts as a result of iron coming into contact with water or air. When the water combines with air on the metal, carbonic acid is formed and the iron is dissolved hence making some of the water to break down into hydrogen and oxygen. When the oxygen comes into contact with the iron, iron oxide is formed making the metal to rust.
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because the water wearies it out which means wearies means to tired out the metal or drain it
Rust happens when iron water and oxygen mix together. The term is oxidation. It makes a new substance called Iron Oxide.
Rust is essentially oxidation, or a chemical interaction involving oxygen. When oxidation occurs in some elements, a thin film is formed as a result-such as the green layer that copper
When the water is already salty it starts out as a minor acid and becomes an even more
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Rust occurs when iron reacts with oxygen and then forms iron oxide. This only happens in metals when moisture, oxygen, and iron react to each other.
Rust is a chemical reaction between the metal, the air and water. Rust is the creation of iron oxides. Interesting fact: Mars is red mostly because it is covered with rust, despite having no liquid water on the surface. You can find more information here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rust
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