Why Does Milk Curdle When It Is Mixed with Vinegar?


Milk will curdle when it is mixed with vinegar due to a chemical reaction. The milk is an alkaline based product and the vinegar is an acidic.
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Why Does Milk Curdle When it Is Mixed With Vinegar?
Many vintage cookbooks contain recipes calling for soured milk or buttermilk. These contain enough acidity to react with baking soda and make your baked goods rise, and also contribute moisture and flavor to the batter or dough. Few modern bakers have... More »
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Milk curdles when it goes bad due to the fact is is a colloid. Colloids are substances that do not separate easily, so they clump together when they start to turn ...
When you mix milk and vinegar together, it will begin to curdle. It mainly happens when a basic liquid is mixed with an acidic liquid. Curdle effects are often ...
Why milk will curdle when lemon juice is added has to do with the lowering of the milk's pH. When the pH is lowered, calcium causes the precipitation of the casein ...
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