Why does milk go bad?


The bacteria present in milk uses the the sugars in milk as food to reproduce and grow and spoil the milk. Keeping the milk cooled slows down the growth of bacteria.
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Bacteria grow rapidly in milk, using the sugar, lactose, as their food; chilling slows the growth but does not stop it. Most of the bacteria are beneficial for humans or benign, but
Cereals, also called grains or cereal grains, are the seeds of grasses. Common cereal grains include wheat, oats, rice, corn, rye and barley. The core of these seeds is primarily
It depends on other factors. As soon as you open the jar you introduce pathogens from the air. That much is unavoidable. You also introduce air which, in commercially packaged milk,
It is because when its left out side it has a while to
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After some time the milk go bad because in the milk there is a bacteria that uses the lactose as a source for energy. Then the milk turns into lactic acid and the taste is bad and sour.
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