Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Blowing Fuses?


Unfortunately, there could be a lot of different things causing your air conditioner to continue blowing fuses. First, you should check to make sure you have the right side fuse box. If the fuse box is too small, it is not going to work. The spark plugs on your vehicle also could be going out. If they are bad or weak, they are not going to produce enough power to support the air conditioner. 
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Put a new fuse in. Turn on the ac, make sure you have enough freon to allow the PCM to engage the compressor. If it pops when the ac is turned on then the compressor clutch coil is
1. Open the fuse box for your home and shut off electricity for your air conditioner unit. This will prevent accidental shock. 2. Open the access door for the AC unit and locate the
There is an obvious short in the circuit, maybe the compressor itself has an internal short or the capacitor that fires up the compressor (by boosting voltages much higher than 12VDC
The unit is drawing to much current/power and in turn blowing the fuse. It could be loose electrical connections or something as simple as the unit needs a good cleaning of the outside
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How to Fix a Blown Fuse in An Air Conditioner
An air conditioner can be a hot, muggy summer day's best kept secret, but only if it is working properly. A damaged fused can shut down your air conditioner completely. A fuse is a small device that allows your device to establish an electric connection.... More »
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The main reason a car fuse blows is because it's overloaded. To determine why your car fuse keeps blowing, first pinpoint which one it is by looking in the schematics ...
There could possibly be surge of high voltage current from the main power supply of your house which simply results in the destruction or termination of fuses ...
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