Why Does My Amplifier Go into Protect Mode?


In order to find out why your amplifier goes into protect mode, you will need to read the owner's manual. It might mean you have a bad connection or a blown fuse.
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I would need to know what brand your amplifier is in
the power wire has nothing to do with it. The ar1500m only uses a 30A fuse, and therefore is capable of no more than 300w rms, more likely around 250w and even cheap 8 awg is adequate
The most common reason an amplifier goes into or remains in protect mode is shorted output transistors. To eliminate other possible reasons for it to go into protect, read the following
Depending on how old it is you can take it to the apple store, and they may be able to just replace it if it's under a year old. But to me it sounds like your lock button jammed.
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The amplifier goes into protect mode when there is a problem with its operation. If you are troubleshooting the first thing you need to do is try to find out what is wrong. You can find more information at www.caraudiohelp.com
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