Why Does My Car Heater Not Work?


There are quite a number of reasons why your car heater is not working. These include a low coolant level, plugged heater core, misadjusted blend air door, worn out thermostat and damaged heater core.
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Hot coolant from the engine passes through the winding tubes of the core, used to increase surface heat. A fan blows air on the tubes and transfers heat from the tubes to the passenger
1. Inspect the heater system for blockages and broken parts. Make sure the heater hoses are in good condition. If your car has a summer valve on the engine block, make sure the valve
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The heater line runs the heat from heater core and heater fan, through the heating
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Your car heater is not working because it might have overheated due to excessive heat. In addition, it might be having a default or a problem with the heater control valve and it is advisable to call a mechanic who will check the car.
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