Why Does My Car Make a Squealing Noise?


Your car may be making a squealing noise because the brakes are in need of repair. You car could also be making a squealing noise because of a loose belt or other type of problem. Your car may be in need of a tune-up.
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Shocks, also called struts, cut out any excess vehicle movement. If they loosen, they can create popping, banging or rattling noises. Sometimes referred to as just "bars, these
It's the belt beginning to wear out and/or the idler pully. The reason it squeaks to begin with is the rubber belt is cool and in a hardened state. The cracks are causing it slip
Almost certainly its your fan belt. Pretty common thing. You'll likely need to have it replaced so I'd get your car to a garage before it snaps!
Usually, this indicates a
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You car could be making a squealing noise because it is time for you to replace your brakes. If you hear the squealing noise every time you hit your brakes you may need to replace your brake pads. You can find more information at www.2carpros.com
A common reason that your car will make a squealing noise is if you have a belt that is broken or has slipped. You will likely need to get the belt replaced.
My guess as to why your car makes a squeeling sound is that the belt is loose or beginning to glaze. The glazing makes the belt slick and causes them to slip some thus squeeling. A loose belt can be because the tensioner has loosened a bit, the belt has tiny cracks in it or it has stretched from use. Humidity and drastic weather changes can also make the belt squeel and I would bet it is one of those reasons I mentioned.
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